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Why Asian Schooling is Unique ? ----------------------------------------------- Asian Schooling is a Platform to Prepare the Youths to Jump Start the Career as an Teacher / Educationist. It is an Initiative taken by Well Known Academician and Administrator Dr. Trilok Sharma. The ‘Forbes’ Middle East has Recognized Dr. Sharma As One of the Top 50 Indian Leaders in Arab World (CEO Category). The world Famous American Biographical Institute, U.S.A. has conferred upon Dr. Trilok Sharma the Most Prestigious Award – “Man of the Year” in 2002 for his Extraordinary Contribution and the Noble Example he has Set for his Peers and Entire Community. His excellent work in the field of Academics and Training has also been Recognized at National Level with the “Bharatiya Shiksha Ratna Award” by All India Business Development Association, New Delhi. He is also a Proud Recipient of Many Awards & Appreciations from Many Corporate, Social & Educational Institutions at State / National / International Level. Presently Associated with Institute of Management, Nirma University, Ahmedabad, Gujrat, India. Let's Do It Jointly Hi, I am Dr. Trilok C. Sharma, I AM PROUD TO BE AN ASIAN. I Believe that Whatever I Am Today, it is because of the Great Contribution of my Mentors from Asia and it’s the Time Now to SHARE The Knowledge to the Younger Generation of Asian Society. Often I Think Why our Young Generation Can't become Good Teachers ? My Instinct Feel, may be is Due to Lack of Good Mentors. Now I have taken the Oath + Effort + Initiative to Create World Class Teachers. Join US in OUR Endeavors ... Let US make it possible! Board of Advisors -------------------------- Mr. Yusuf Ali (Ex Banker) Mr. R C Sharma (Retd. RES) Mr. B L Sharma (RES) Ms. R K Joshi (Retd. Education Director) Dr. M C Sharma (Medical Officer) Dr. Lokesh Jain (Academician) Prof. Namrata Mishra (Social Trainer) Mr. Alok Gupta (Sr. VP Star Cement Meghalaya Ltd.) Ms. Alka Bhargav (Immigration Advisor) Mr. Divyanshu Kashyap (Entrepreneur)


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